Meisha Andrea


Mario Thomas

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Our Story

Our story began in late spring of 2012 at 24 Hour Fitness in Oakland, CA. At the time, Mario was working as a Facilities Technician there and Meisha had just renewed her gym membership after moving back home from Northern Idaho. Excited to see that Mario was still working at the gym, Meisha was inspired to meet Mario because she saw the opportunity as a little nudge from the universe, because for years prior she had always had a crush on Mario from a far. After weeks of flirting and coming up with scenarios to get Mario to talk to her, they finally went out, and have been together ever since.

June 23, 2012 is not their first date, but their second date, that resulted in their first kiss. Meisha and Mario currently live in Seattle, WA, with their two little furry ladies, Clementine, and Penelope.